Engagement Like Never Before

Use eBlitz to play with your community members, let them know you are online, and organise community events, effortlessly.
Even better, we will promote your upcoming sessions to help you grow your audience!
Instant Viewer Game
When your viewers join eBlitz on your invite code, you appear as your favourite, starting a game is a simple drag & drop
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Easy Community Events
Your community members can form teams to play on the same session, everybody have more fun together
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We Will Promote You
Confirmed stream sessions will appear in our regular social post, helping you grow your audience,
and potentially appear in eBlitz events!
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JoJo's Hero
JoJo's Hero

What streamers say about us

"I am so tired of toxic players, I need this in my life. We love the idea behind the concept and cannot wait for others to also use it."
JoJo's Hero
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