Play with friends, in seconds
Match, chat, and play with non-toxic, community-rated players
Play together, better
Play with people who chat with you and have your back.
You cannot always win, but you can always have fun.
Here's a proof of how eBlitz works...
How it works...
Swipe & Match!
Having a difficult time finding reliable teammates? Easily find and match with them in just one swipe on eBlitz!
Instant Chat!
Communicate with other players in real-time with our text chat or Discord voice integration!
Rated Players!
Only play with the best, non-toxic 5 star community-rated players!
Play games you like with people you like
eBlitz is a place where there is always something interesting going on, you can socialise in a trusted community (while staying in persona!), and any playing experience is only one tap away. We believe playing together should be a main way to connect people - if you have had fun in an arcade or a LAN party, you'll know what we mean, and we believe that joy could be for everyone.
The why
eBlitz was created in 2020 to answer a simple demand from so many - I just want someone to play with.

We are a team who share the passion of having a blast with over fun games, exchanging banters, and making friends along the way. It makes the world feel smaller and better. And we beieve session with good friends. Want to build products that give people what they want effortlessly and instantly.
Who we are
We have big dreams, but we know we need to start somewhere focused, so we picked the top of the wanted-list from the gamers we spoke to — 'I just want to have someone to play with who are not toxic'.
London company eBlitz hopes to reduce in-game toxicity with new matchmaking service
A place where people can connect by playing together
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Want to get in touch with us? We'd love to hear from you! Simply send us an email at
You can download eBlitz off both the Play & App store!
You can reach out to us on our social media pages!
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